Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dare Devils

When I was in Lima, I got to stay with family that I've always been close to. My family and theirs took a roadtrip from Florida to New York & Michigan in a van. All 11 of us in a chevy van. Needless to say, it will always be the Roadtrip of 1980.

My cousin Rocio took pictures of a scrapbook that they made from the trip. So I thought I would share a picture of me and my cousin Lupe. We joke that just because we were the same age, they thought they would make us the closest thing to twins that was physically possible. They made us both wear these white dressed with blue fruit on it. We both got the same Minnie Mouse dolls at Disney and even had the same blue and white roller skates with jingle bell pom poms on them.

Yes the dorkiness in me runs deep, as evident from the photo. But I have fun, even if it is only me who publicly enjoys it.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Thanks all for letting me vent. I think I realized that when my dad passed away, I had to be the strong one and so it took me a while to really mourn him. The one thing I didn't realize is that getting over missing him was one thing, missing what my life used to be like is another.

Things have changed. I used to joke that my parents were my "kids". Well now, I do fully in my heart feel that I am responsible for my mom just as I am for my three kids and Jeff. While we were in Peru, I easily fell into the familiar pattern of child who asked mom for help. After all, it is her country, her customs, etc. But in reality, my mom was/is still in the stage of being a widow. Everything is new again, because she is looking at it all through new eyes. She still needed me to lean on. It was hard for both of us.

So I am asking for prayers. I think I was assuming that I had learned everything I needed to learn from Dad dying, but obviously I am wrong. I do have to be strong for my family, so I ask for strength.

I mostly share this because someday you (the reader) may find yourself in my shoes experiencing the death of a parent. I honestly don't know many (if any) people who are in my shoes with elderly parents and young children. I just hope it helps.

One of the nicest things someone once said to me was "No matter how old you are, it still hurts to lose your dad." It may not make much sense right now, but it touched my heart when she said it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My no-good-crappy-"A"-day

No need for commenting on this one... consider this my frustrated scream of "Cant handle it anymore". You see, I'm much too polite to do this in person. But I want to curse, drink, smoke, throw things and tell everyone who passes me to "Take a flying leap" but in not-so-polite words.

I'm tired of reading everyone's thoughts on Obama. He is our president and we should support him whether or not he was our first choice. Will he drive the country into the ground or raise us from the ashes... who knows? All I know is that he has the passion to want to have this responsibility. I wouldn't put my family through it. would you?

It has been hard coming back from Peru. While I want to relax, Jeff is so motivated to get things done. I feel like crap that I'm not as fired up as him.

The kids are misbehaving, not eating vegetables, getting constipated because they are afraid of pooping in the toilet, not picking up after themselves, whining, not listening, taking their seatbelts off before I turn off the car, etc.

The price of American Girls went up $5 from last year, why didn't I buy it then?

Our old tenant from the McKinley house died last week.

A friend of mine posted the nicest, best post about being a mother and not expecting returns because she is doing it for God. I yell at my children. Repeatedly.

My dogs have taken to running away when I let them out.

I get yelled at for being on the computer too much.

There is still a leg lamp in my living room that was supposed to make it to Jeff's work.

I think I am going to spent the rest of the night on the treadmill.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peruvian Casinos

Since there are way to many things to write about my trip to Peru, I thought I would break them down.

First of all, here is a crude map of all the casinos in Lima. About 40 I think.

I have an aunt who enjoys going to casinos. She took me along to see what they are like. There are many in the Lima. They stand out like crazy with the gazillion lights and huge signs showing off their names like "New York", "Flamingo", "Majestic", "Tropicana", "Bellagio" and "Atlantic City".

My aunt's favorite is Atlantic City. As opposed to the casinos I am used to in the US, these places are upscale, spacious, well lit, and they cater to their patrons. Free drinks, food, cigarettes and gifts are the norm. It was my aunt's birthday and she received a cake (full size) and perfume.

The slot machines are the same as in the US. Red, white and Blue, Slippery Seals, etc. They also have Karaoke and Restaurants if you are willing to tear yourself from the floor.

My aunt gave me about 10 packs of cigarettes to bring to the US. I mentioned how expensive they were here and that I couldn't believe they gave them out for free. I'm going to give them to my smoker friends and fam. They are all Marlboros, Salems and Capris.

The coolest thing is that when they do their nightly raffles, they call a bunch of people up and then do this "Price is Right" Plinko kind of thing to see how much money they win. How awesome is that!

Sorry I don't have any pics. I was warned against carrying a purse, camera, wedding ring, watch, etc. But then I imagine that is another post!