Wednesday, September 16, 2015

5K Queen Continued

A list of my races: Jan: Fremont Frostbite Feb: Grand Rapids, Dash Down Division Mar: Kent City, Ridge Run Apr: Grand Haven, Katty Shack May: Holland, Tulip Time 5K Jun: Zeeland, Zeeland Zoom July: Grand HAven, Coast Guard 5K Aug: Grand Rapids, The Color Run Sept: Holland, Park to Park Oct: Zeeland, Pumpkinfest Nov: Holland, Turkey Trot Dec: Holland, New Years Eve Run


So I've got a problem. I can't seem to take care of myself. I put reminders on my phone to try and remember to do things like the my meds, check my sugar and get stuff done. I snooze, ignore, and can't be bothered since I am driving, running errands or somewhere where I don't want to bring that kind of attention to myself. So I sit at another dr appointment where I'll get yelled at, not really, and wonder how I can get better even with Drs trying to keep me accountable. I love my kid and my husband. I know that they will be the ones to suffer. So why can't I get on the ball?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Snow in March

Yes, today is March 25 and it is snowing. Not just a couple flakes, but a million that is making the world white again. Sigh. This has been the LONGEST winter ever. We had a zillion snow days (ok 6) and had enough snow that we had to buy a snow plow for the truck to be able to get in and out of the driveway. Just when we thought spring would finally come, there is no sun or even rain. Just snow and a strong wind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5K Queen

I'm laughing just thinking of the title of this post. For new years I decided to give myself an "Out of The Box" resolution. Something so out of my comfort zone that it would practically be a joke. I decided to run a 5K every month for the whole year of 2014! The only sucker who took the bait was my husband who I think has to take the bait whenever I offer it, due to contractual obligation implied from our wedding vows. The first race was in Fremont Michigan. We barely made it out of the drive way because of snow and actually got stuck on our way home. The Frostbite. To my surprise, I loved it. I loved doing something with my husband, knowing that this was my first step, and when I finished, I couldn't believe that little old me could do it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013

Seriously, time has been flying. I imagine that working, being a mom, being a wife, GEMS leader, friend and taxi driver to the kiddos has made time for reflection pretty non-existent. T1 is 13. A sassy teenager who is never far from his ipod touch. He did football last fall and is going to try swimming later this month. My heart hurts for him as I know that rough times that he wont want to share with mom will be coming soon. I adore that he still hugs and kisses me. T2 is 11 and to look at her you would assume she is older than Tristan. Her heart is helpful and her struggles are not as apparent as Tristan's. She decided to try out for the school musical and tonight I should know if she made it. I am so nervous for her. I see that she struggles to live up to her "determined stereotype". I try to encourage her to not live between those limits. I need to spend more time with her. T3 is 8 and a diva. "I know, right" is the phrase that comes out of her month more often than not. She struggles with being the follower when it comes to friends. I just want her to learn to stand on her own, but she looks for the approval of others. Super talented as well. Dance has been new this year and she excels in that like she did in gymnastics. J and I have celebrated 16 years of marriage this summer and celebrated it by taking our son to an airplane show. Family is still a priority and we stand united in the messy laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, racing to and fro pace of our life. I'm so afraid that life will pass us by and I will be left saying "I thought we were going to put a stop to this craziness."

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Would you believe it is 4am? I can't even try to remember how summer was this year. The only thing that comes to mind is hot. September brought the craziness of school, football, soccer and of course gymnastics. Tristan is having a wonderful transition to middle school. He plays trumpet, plays rocket football and is doing so well in school. I have been impressed with the responsibility that he shows. He is no means perfect, but homework is no longer that big of a struggle and the discipline he learned from GT is such a blessing. Trinity is enjoying being top dog in elementary. She is a safety and enjoys the power a fluorescent belt can wield. LOL! Her beauty and "mothering" amazes me daily. She is no longer a little girl and while she has always been tall for her age, I swear she is growing out of the girls clothing department. Im going to turn around and see a young woman soon. Tessa still adores her siblings. She has been doing well at gymnastics. She will be going to her first meets soon. She is my fashion diva, refusing to wear the hand me downs I saved from Trinity. Justice is her store of choice and dolls and stuffed animals still top her list. The farm is going well. We get six eggs everyday from our chickens and Tommy has been our lesson horse for Jeff and now for Trinity. The alpacas still don't trust us but seem to be happy together. We recently bought hay for the winter which set us back a pretty penny (and more since the price was driven up by the harsh summer and drought.) The garden survived thanks to faithful watering and aside from plenty of weeds, we got zucchini, tomatoes, corn, beans, watermelon, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and pumpkins. The apple trees gave no fruit because of an untimely frost after it had already started budding. Much of the landscaping plants we bought on memorial day were hastily planted wherever we found a spot. The heat was a huge factor in our "laziness" in being outside. Mom brought more perennials over from the condo and Jeff and I continued to trim back the overgrown plants that were left by the previous owner.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick catchup

- summer is hot, thanking God for our mini pool. - Tristan graduated from elementary school. Cried like a baby! - Tessa made PreTeam for gymnastics. - Trinity made the best friends ever this year. - Taking Thursdays off of work for summer. - have 6 chickens, 1 horse, 2 alpacas, 2 barn kittens, 2 dogs and 1 turtle. - have the best assistant ever at work. - spending lots of time with my nephews Brevin, Ian and Alex (at least more than usual) - my 4runner is still holding up woohoo! - started a garden. - love my pitchfork, mower cart and iPhone.