Friday, April 27, 2012

The cross

Today on my way to pick up a prescription at the doctor, I approached the front doors behind a family. There was a woman wearing her food service uniform with two young children who ran to the kids waiting area to watch tv. There was also a young man with them. He had cargo pants on with a pack of smokes in the side pocket. He looked too young to even be able to buy them legally. By the time I caught up with them at the second set of doors, I noticed the upside down cross he wore around his neck while he held the door open for me. My usual response is a smile and a quiet "thanks". The woman told the receptionist that they were there for an appointment, but then she stepped aside to let the newly 18 year-old deal with the rest. He had to sign his own forms and learn about HIPA laws. She didn't offer help and he just signed whatever the receptionist put in front of him. I soon moved on and did what I went there to do and said a small prayer for that young man. Especially when I went back to my own children. Now I am not super worldly so I didn't think too much about the upside down cross until later when I googled it for my own knowledge. Aside from being the name of a band it is a sign for followers of Satan. Did this 18 year-old mean to portray his allegiance for the Evil one? I immediately sensed a battle for this young mans soul. My prayer for him went from little to the magnitude of putting him on the top of my prayer list. How many battles are being fought for our souls and the souls of our loved ones? Of total strangers who take the time to open the door for you? Was my smile enough to tip the scales for our side? What else could I have done?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dump day!

You would swear it was a holiday. Ever since I've been married and we owned a house, there was a special day on the calendar. From April to October, the third Saturday of the month is dump day. The day you can fill your car, truck, trailer and throw it away for free. Maybe we just have lots of junk or it is like a coupon for a freebie... You have to take advantage of it! Today was an old dishwasher and part of a dog house that turned into a chicken coop. Packed it into the car and got a cup of coffee to drink while we waited to get into the dump. Usually the first one of the season causes huge lineups. (we are experienced in this remember) But we did have a productive day getting things marked off the project list. The bonus of having decent weather lately.