Friday, March 26, 2010

Prayer List for this morning...

  • For contentedness for myself (is that a word?)
  • For hurting marriages
  • For a good birthday for my little friend (and his family)
  • For babies to continue to be healthy and grow up strong
  • For my mom in Peru
  • For hurting moms who don't have relationships with their children
  • For the patience and wisdom to give my children "good" attention
  • For foster parents who take in and love
  • For a better attitude at work
  • For help to be the best wife possible for my husband and best mother possible for my children
  • For my coworker who found out that there was more to his health issue than just a stroke
  • For my unemployed friends who do their best to live life "normally"
  • For blessing on our Lake Champion trip this spring break, that our hearts get prepared to do God's work no matter what it is, that our travels are safe and that we do it for Him not ourselves.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some pictures

Tristan fell asleep in our bed and this is how we found him when we went to move him into his own bed.

Perry the Platypus in case you were wondering. Notice the kids' school bus pulling away.

On the playground at Jim Kaat park. We went walking and found ourselves at the park. Stayed out until the sun set and the cold chased us away.

The kids' first Pinewood Derby at Calvary. They had a blast and both came home with trophies. Lots of fun for the whole family.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Things I do when I can't sleep...
- Clean my email inbox
- Clean out my purse
- Go through the mail
- Contemplate logging on Facebook
- Remind myself that I gave up Facebook for lent
- Read blogs
- Eat cereal
- Play Mah-jong
- Hum
- Pray
- Hope that I get tired

Friday, March 12, 2010

Diet update

i bought the diet pop like three days ago. The regular about 3 hours ago.

Mystery of the heart...

Sometimes I crack myself up. I would have never thought I would be someone who would listen to church sermons in my free time (or work time, as the case may be). But I am. Today I am listening to Mars Hill Church – Rob Bell. He is talking about Jonah and relating it to hearts. How our hearts are a mystery.

Yesterday a co-worker of mine came into the office to visit during his time off to recover from a stroke. He is young-ish (40’s), healthy, skinny and he takes care of himself. Why a stroke? Only God knows. But when I heard he was in the office, I went looking for him, found him and promptly hugged him and declared how good it was to see him. He got tears in his eyes and explained that tears are common now since his stroke.

Do you think his heart knows that he could have died?

I try to put myself in his shoes and must imagine that I would be thankful for all the blessings that I never paid attention to before the stroke.

I’m sure I’m not a special person in his life, but a person none the less.

Am I so caught up in my life that I don’t pay attention to all the blessings I have, including people at work who just make my day a tiny bit better with conversation or just a smile?

Is my heart grateful enough on it’s own?

The subconscious is so crazy. Does the heart and the brain have their own conversation? How much of it is pre-programmed by God? Does something like a major event that takes our consciousness out of the picture necessary so that it is quiet enough for the heart and brain to speak it’s own language?

To bring us back to what we were created for?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New things to try...

So today I decided to start drinking diet pop. Yes, I am one of the only people who still drink regular pop.

I figure if I can get used to country music... diet pop shouldn't be that hard! hahaha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sister love