Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving up for Lent

When it comes to Lent, I always fall back to my Catholic roots... more fish and I always give something up that brings my focus to God.

This year I gave up Facebook and in fact, all TV, computer and video games during the work/school week. The last three things, we gave up as a family. The kids are not so thrilled, but they do find themselves doing things like reading more and playing with toys (what a novel concept huh?)

At night, Jeff and I find ourselves having to talk more, or else getting to bed earlier and getting some much needed rest that we seemed to sacrifice for tv shows.

Tristan remarked that instead of thinking of God, he seems to be thinking of hell. While I first wanted to scold him, it did give us an opportunity to talk about hell, not usual conversation around the dinner table.

In the end, we decided that perhaps hell would be somewhat like not getting what we want, but that would probably only be a tiny part of what it would be like. That it would be best to thank God for what we have and for Him being in our lives.

By the way friends, I have a terrific link for people who want to hear about the differences between Catholics and Protestants. My old friend is a Pastor and here is a link to his sermon on this subject. (Thanks Bruce... )

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gushing about the hubby...

Ever once in a while I realize that I am sooo blessed to have the best husband in the world. We have had our rough patches, but we make it through. The other night we were watching a movie where the wife was very "word that rhymes with itchy". I saw myself in that character. I just stared at Jeff and exclaimed "That is me isn't it?".

He smiled and gave me a kiss.

Now that is what I call telling me the truth in a loving manner.