Sunday, October 11, 2009

You give and take away....

Blessed be your name...

I love church. The joy and spiritual refill is so worth the chaos of getting everyone ready, dressed and set to get to church every week.

One of the joys I remember from being Catholic is that moment after communion when I would have my one-on-one with God. I'd be on my knees, eyes closed and although everyone was moving around me on their way to the alter, I was alone with God and it was just me and Him.

In that special time, I would often have a special request or thank you (aka praise) that was foremost in my mind from the week.

While my church experience isn't necessarily the same, I do often find my connection with God during the service, usually during our singing.

This week I praised God for the agreement to sell our home, and for the funds that we will need to make it happen.

Jeff and I have been balancing two households for many years now. We gladly took it on, struggled to make it, and sacrificed lots to make it happen. But we did it in love and God never failed us.

It is no coincidence that it all came together on Jeff's birthday. For he surely did not sign up for all this that fateful day he asked me to marry him...

I have many blessings to be thankful for and can only pray that I use them wisely.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Does anyone owe Advanced Radiology Services more money than I do?


Attitude adjustment...
Thankful that of all the services we have had, nothing serious has ever been discovered. Sprained nose, sprained ankle, only a slight heart murmur.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Friday, October 2, 2009

October really?

It took me about a month to mourn the send of summer, but now I am in the full swing of my favorite season... Fall!

We have soccer games galore, blankets and camp chairs are gracing the back of my vehicle along with extra clothes, balls of all sorts and a helmet for Horseback riding.

Jeff is going away for his weekend of camping and believe it or not, I'm thrilled. I do like him going out to do "Guy" stuff, but the selfish part of me took many years of marriage to get over. I think I am finally there!

My beautiful nephews are here in the world. While I was able to see them on their "birth" day, it has been hard to not be there more. My wonderful Sister (she's more than a Sister-In-Law) has been so gracious to let me be a part of this all by changing diapers and holding babies. I can't wait until next weekend when we are all going to bombard her house with mad chaotic family love!

September was the year anniversary of my dad's passing. It was strange to realize that the pain did indeed lessen. My love and admiration has not changed at all, but that peace that takes over the pain is a Godsend.

We are in the middle of negotiating the sale of our house. It has been a headache, but I am confident that God's will is all over this.

Jeff and I haven't had "that" much time together but our last date night was wonderful. You wonder what we did? We talked about dreams and goals. Then we went to visit his grandparents who are the best reminders of what is important in life. We were able to remind ourselves of what we want our lives to be like, and work towards that instead of working at just "hanging on".

I look forward to more soccer games, horse riding lessons and hope to add a couple roadtrips to take in the fall colors. Maybe a trip to the fish ladder up north and one last camping trip.