Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer for Kristi and her family

If you look over at the other blogs I've linked to, you will see one for Kristi and Brian. Please pray for them as they face the nearing of the day that Kristi will walk with our Lord instead of with us.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


May is always a busy month. Between having FOUR family birthdays to celebrate in the first week of the month, there is always Mother's Day and then my birthday. Also May seems to be the busiest month of the school year, or at least it feels like it is at the moment.

The kids have so many field trips, last minute projects and of course Tulip Time seems to creep into the mix as well. We have never been in the parades, but we do enjoy going to at least one of them during the festival.

Add Girls On The Run to it all and the big race being the day after my 40th birthday... I can hardly even think that far ahead. Plus, there is a scheduling conflict with the 4th graders going on a school field trip that will interfere with the day of the big race. So we tack on another 5k in Grand Haven the next day for the 6 girls who will be missing our regional race.

Memorial Day will bring a weekend in Ludington where we have reservations for the weekend...

I am thankful to be able to keep chugging though it all without breaking down. I may not remember all that I have to do or what I have been doing, but that's okay. Whenever I get down about it, I think back to the first May that I hardly remember... the one when Tristan was born.

So May will continue to be one of my favorite months. :)