Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No one has the right to abuse you!!!

Tonight I have a heavy heart.... You see, I went with a young girl who I work with to the emergency room to get X-rays and report an abusive boyfriend. It wasn't the first time and while he did get arrested, she still is struggling with feelings of guilt for doing the right thing and reporting his abuse. This time was bruises and scrapes from punches, kicks and choking, but the doctor, nurse, police and social worker all stressed that next time would be worse. Maybe I'm too idealistic and like to pretend that this stuff doesn't exist. I am sitting here crying because if it happens this close to me, how many other places is it happening that I don't know about? No matter what your situation is, it is not right to have someone physically, emotionally or sexually abuse you. YOU don't deserve it and don't need to live with it. No matter how much they say they love you. Please don't let anyone make you think that you are worthless. Our God loves you so very much and didn't make you to be treated that way. If it happens around you, remember that God loves that child and wants you to do something about it. Don't stand by and let it happen. We are on this earth on a mission from God. To be His hands and feet... Don't take that job lightly.