Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just say no...

Tonight at GOTR I had an interesting incident occur...

Our talk today was about drugs. Keep in mind that the audience is 3rd - 5th grade girls. We talked about marijuana, alcohol and tobacco. I don't think we have ever had such a lively conversation. I have to say that I was amazed that the girls had so many questions. For example after being told that marijuana was a leaf that people rolled up and smoked, a little girl asked if what she should do when her parents burned leaves in the fall. We may giggle, but the serious side is that as a parent I realize that I do have to take the time to talk about these things.

My own daughter asked if all drugs were bad, as in the ones that doctors give you (Her concern probably stemming from the fact that she sees me take medicine everyday!). We took the time to explain that you don't take drugs that weren't specifically given to you by your doctor.

The talk about tobacco lead to several of the girls explaining that smoking leads to cancer and death. Try explaining to a bunch of young girls that these "drugs" are legal to adults over 18 years of age.

One girl had started crying after this discussion so I took her out and talked to her. My gut told me that something from the conversation had bothered her, but she just kept saying she missed her mom. I let her call her mom on my cell. It appeared that she didn't answer. I got her to stop crying, rejoin the group and she finished the session with an energy award for doing her best that day.

I noticed a mom was there early so I followed my little friend out to see if it was her mom who had come early, maybe noticing the call that she had missed. It was the mom and when I came close to let her know what had happened that day, I noticed the heavy smell of smoke.

Now I should have prefaced all of this by saying that if somehow cigarette smoking was not harmful and overall gross, I would be smoking as I type this. I'd rather have a cigarette than a drink and always have. It's a struggle and if there is a social situation, I will usually give in. Some of the best talks I ever had have been over a cigarette.

But it does make me contemplate why alcohol and tobacco are legal. I know that the argument could also be to outlaw Twinkies.

I know that my little friend is loved by a mom who came early to see if her daughter was okay. But could she be loved enough to stop smoking for her?

Could my kids be loved enough to stop smoking and drinking for them?

The funny thing is that the mom mentioned to me before she left, that she HAD answered the phone, but the girl didn't say anything.

I hope I give my kids a voice to say whatever they need to say to me, even if I don't like hearing it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ok so everytime I say "Running" in my head it sounds like Forrest Gump.

Girls On The Run has been a blast. I am starting to fall in love with 26 girls who all seem to get along and while it is sometimes crazy to get them to all be quiet (at the same time), they encourage each other which I think is great!

Each meeting we talk about things like healthy habits or feeling good about ourselves even when people criticize things like our hair or our clothes. As a mom, I often gloss over these types of things because I assume they already know, but as a coach I know they can't be told enough times that they are precious and special.

Lately I've been a little frusterated with myself because aside from starting to train for a 5K (which for me is probably a bigger deal than it is to most), I have been starting an exercise program with Jeff at home that leaves all my muscles like jello!

So wish me luck as I try to balance both. My heart is with the girls right now. They are so sweet and encouraging to me as I putter along.