Thursday, September 1, 2011

Open house Wednesday

The week before school on Wednesday is always the day the schools have open houses. So from 4:30pm until 7:00pm we made the rounds to three schools all over the district.

Tristan was the easiest because since he is in GT his entire class moves from one classroom to the one next door. The teacher knew him on sight and of course his paranoid mom wondered if last years teacher had given the new teacher a warning about him. Ahhhh! He travels the farthest from the house with a trek on 3 buses to get to and from school.

Next was Tessa who is starting first grade. She was added to her class last week so I was hoping the teacher was prepared for her (and she was). the principal greeted us at the door, knew we were a NEW family and sent us to the sunshine room. I feel so bad because I'm sure I prepped the other kids at first grade to learn the teachers name and classroom name, etc over the summer. She is getting a crash course this week. Tessa only rides one bus to and from school since she is at our HOME school.

Trinity was next and she is going to the school we know the best since it was our home school when we lived at our old house. The kids and teachers are familiar and while she could have moved to Tessa's school. She would rather end her elementary years with her friends. She only has to take two buses to and from school.

Praying for a great year for my kiddos and that God gives me strength and ability to keep it all together.