Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House and home

So much has happened in these past months...

We moved into what we can only say is our dream house. Jeff and I have been dreaming of moving back out in the country and by the grace of God, it happened!

We found a home that seems to to fit all our needs including some extra room for my mom when she stays with us for 6 months. The only thing missing are some animals to eat down the two pastures that we have!

I can still hear my own words saying that "I don't think I could ever live that far out" but the drives to work and the "city" have been fine (so far). We will have to see what winter brings us but I am not too concerned. Funny how a 15 minute drive could be so intimidating when you are so spoiled to have everything at your fingertips before!

I hope to post more pictures soon. I've downgraded my phone from smart to simple and even pictures are a luxury nowadays. I miss being able to record life on the fly so I think I will have to go back soon!

Tristan is in football (a post of that experience is soon to come) and Trinity is going to start soccer soon while taking a few months from horseback riding. Tessa took a month off from gymnastics and is on a waiting list for soccer (Mom was bad this year).

Looks like we wont have any boredom until November probably! LOL

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Today at church we heard a sermon on goodness, one of the fruits of the Spirit. It really touched me and gave me a tiny bit or reassurance that I was on the right track sometimes!

This past week I passed around a birthday card for an ex-coworker of mine that is in federal prison. It has something to do with child pornography but I don't know the details and I don't really think I need to.

I got the strangest reactions when I asked a few people if they were interested in signing the card. Lots of "Have you heard from him?" (the answer is no), some enthusiastic "Yes"es and definite "No"s. When asked why, I told them that I wanted to send him encouragement for when he was released and that I would hope that someone would remember me if the tables were turned.

Pastor Steve says that Goodness is drawn to Brokenness. I guess I can relate to that very easily. My heart is drawn to the hurt. I write letters to people I know in prison and to kids of my old high school classmates who are in a National Guard youth program as a last chance.

I have mentored teen moms and I recently got in touch with an old high school classmate on Facebook who I tutored through Government class so he could graduate. He says he appreciated my help and has never forgotten me. The biggest thrill is that asked God to bless me and for that I am grateful.

I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit leads me to do these little things that cost maybe a stamp and 20 minutes. This is a fruit of the spirit that I'm so glad to have in my heart.