Thursday, October 4, 2012


Would you believe it is 4am? I can't even try to remember how summer was this year. The only thing that comes to mind is hot. September brought the craziness of school, football, soccer and of course gymnastics. Tristan is having a wonderful transition to middle school. He plays trumpet, plays rocket football and is doing so well in school. I have been impressed with the responsibility that he shows. He is no means perfect, but homework is no longer that big of a struggle and the discipline he learned from GT is such a blessing. Trinity is enjoying being top dog in elementary. She is a safety and enjoys the power a fluorescent belt can wield. LOL! Her beauty and "mothering" amazes me daily. She is no longer a little girl and while she has always been tall for her age, I swear she is growing out of the girls clothing department. Im going to turn around and see a young woman soon. Tessa still adores her siblings. She has been doing well at gymnastics. She will be going to her first meets soon. She is my fashion diva, refusing to wear the hand me downs I saved from Trinity. Justice is her store of choice and dolls and stuffed animals still top her list. The farm is going well. We get six eggs everyday from our chickens and Tommy has been our lesson horse for Jeff and now for Trinity. The alpacas still don't trust us but seem to be happy together. We recently bought hay for the winter which set us back a pretty penny (and more since the price was driven up by the harsh summer and drought.) The garden survived thanks to faithful watering and aside from plenty of weeds, we got zucchini, tomatoes, corn, beans, watermelon, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers and pumpkins. The apple trees gave no fruit because of an untimely frost after it had already started budding. Much of the landscaping plants we bought on memorial day were hastily planted wherever we found a spot. The heat was a huge factor in our "laziness" in being outside. Mom brought more perennials over from the condo and Jeff and I continued to trim back the overgrown plants that were left by the previous owner.

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